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CBD & THC Ointment Infused with Cucumber.

Cucumber peels are rich in insoluble fiber, a type of fiber that sweeps through your digestive tract like a broom. But as a Topical, Cucumber is the solution to everything from acne and scars to laugh lines. It halts the breakdown of elastin and hyaluronic acid which firm up and hydrate the skin and build collagen, keeping the skin moist and supple and fighting signs of aging.  

For ages now, cucumber slices have been the go-to remedy for under-eye dark circles for women across the globe. Even spas swear by it and use it to soothe the eyes during facials. What is it about this humble salad ingredient that makes it a revered ingredient in the beauty industry? 

Cucumber lowers sebum levels significantly. This oily substance that the sebaceous glands in your skin release collects, and with the dead skin cells, clogs up the skin follicles, eventually leading to eruptions in the form of acne. Cucumber is a natural sunscreen and even marketed sun-protection creams and lotions with cucumber have been found to have positive results.3 The credit is due to the flavonoids, tannins, and vitamin C in cucumber that give it an antioxidant property that helps it combat the cell-damaging free radicals generated by UV rays. Cucumber also has pain-relieving effects. And both these properties explain cucumber’s presence in sunscreens and sun-protection lotions and as a sunburn reliever.

A natural skin whitener and bleach, cucumber can bring down the melanin content of the skin, making it good for sun tan removal. When your skin tans, it leads to an increase in the melanin content of the skin, making it look darker.

According to some studies, the biochemicals present in cucumber extract inhibit tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the production of melanin, and that’s how cucumber inhibits melanin synthesis.

The skin-whitening effect of cucumber is also due to the antioxidant activity of cucumber extract. Cucumber extract is rich in vitamins, With umpteen benefits, cucumber is by far your skin’s best friend. It helps to know that cucumber doesn’t discriminate between skin types and does its job on every type with sincerity. free radicals produced by UV rays during sun exposure, thereby reducing melanin production. 

Those with under-eye dark circles can also greatly benefit from cucumbers. If you have sensitive skin, cucumber can be your best friend. Not only does eating it cools the body when the mercury rises but applying it topically also soothes the skin. According to research data, cucumber soothes skin irritations and reduces inflammation. The ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid in cucumber are capable of preventing water retention, making it a great choice for swollen eyes. Now you know why its slices are used on puffy eyes. Cucumber extract applied topically is helpful for burns and dermatitis, or skin inflammation. 

With umpteen benefits, cucumber is by far your skin’s best friend. It helps to know that cucumber doesn’t discriminate between skin types and does its job on every type with sincerity. 

CBD and Capsaicin Infused Pain Balm

Do you Love the Spicy Flavor that Hot Peppers have to offer? Then you’re in luck, because Capsaicin will also help you prevent Cancer, fight Diabetes, assist your Heart and even relieve Pain.

Because of the impassioned, fiery sensation caused by Capsaicin when it comes in contact with Mucous Membranes, it is commonly used in Food products to provide an added Spice or "Heat". It is common for people to experience Pleasurable and even Euphoric effects from ingesting Capsaicin.

Folklore among self-described "Chiliheads" attributes this to the Pain-Stimulated release of Endorphins, a different mechanism from the local receptor overload that makes Capsaicin effective as a topical Analgesic (Pain-Killer).

Capsaicin is already used Medicinally as an Analgesic in Topical Ointments, Nasal Sprays, and Skin Patches to Relieve Pain. It may also be applied in Cream form for the relief of Aches and Pains of Muscles and Joints associated with Arthritis, Back-Pain, Strains and Sprains. It is also used to reduce the symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy such as Post-Herpetic Neuralgia caused by Shingles.

There is also clinical evidence on the role of Ingested Capsaicin on a variety of Human Disorders, including Obesity, Diabetes, several Cancers and Cardiovascular Diseases.

A recent Study published in Cancer Research found that Capsaicin caused Cancer Cells to Commit Suicide. The substance caused almost 80 percent of Prostate Cancer Cells to Die in Laboratory Test’s. Further, researchers say Capsaicin Pills may one day be used to Prevent the return of Prostate Cancer.

Capsaicin will also help to Protect the Heart by reducing Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Platelet Aggregation. It will also help the body dissolve fibrin, which is necessary for blood clots to form. In addition, literally all cultures around Mother Earth that use Hot Peppers liberally in their meals have significantly lower rates of Heart Attack and Stroke than cultures that do not. 

It is so potent, Capsaicin is a Banned substance in Equestrian Sports because of its Hypersensitizing and its Powerful Pain-Relieving Properties. At the “Show Jumping” events of the 2008 Summer Olympics, four horses tested positive for Capsaicin use, which resulted in their disqualification.

Hot Peppers come in hundreds of different varieties, each with its own Unique Favor, Color, Shape and Heat Factor. Generally speaking, the Hotter the Pepper, the more Capsaicin it contains.

In our Balm or Salve we Happily used Jalapeno Peppers not only because they contain an abundant amount of Capsaicin, but also because they are Very High in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent Antioxidant. Vitamin C is required for the Collagen Synthesis within the body. Collagen is the main Structural Protein needed for Maintaining the Integrity of Blood Vessels, Skin, Tendons, Tissues, Organs and Bones. Jalapenos also contain Vitamin A, Flavonoids, Pyridoxine, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. Vitamin K increases Bone Mass by promoting Osteoblstic Activity in Bones. It also has the Beneficial effect in Alzheimer’s Patients by Significantly Limiting Neuronal Damage in their Brain.

We then infused the Beneficial Spicy Capsaicin Balm with Cannabidiol {CBD}, the non-psychoactive ingredient of Cannabis (You wont get Stoned by using our Salve). CBD is one of at least 113 active Cannabinoids identified in Cannabis. We used the well renowned Charlotte’s Web strain with a 20% CBD yield.

Canadian Doctor’s proudly proscribe CBD to alleviate Pain associated with Multiple Sclerosis. Cannabidiol helps with Bipolar Disorder, ADD, ADHD, Autism, PTSD, as well as an Anti-Inflammatory for treating Acute Pancreatitis, it is also used for treating Epilepsy, as a treatment for Dravet Syndrome.

A drug company named Epidiolex was granted “Fast-Track” status and “Orphan Drug” status in the United States for treatment of Dravet Syndrome in July of 2015. 

It can be equally effective as an oral Therapeutic Agent for Chronic Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain. CBD has Anti-Psychotic effects, it Reduces Anxiety and other Researchers suggest that it may also be effective for Panic Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and Social Anxiety Disorders. 

Numerous Scientific reports demonstrate that CBD Benefits include possessing Anti-Proliferative, Pro-Apoptotic effects that Inhibit Cancer Cell Migration, Adhesion and Invasion. 

A 2006 Study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics found that CBD selectively Inhibited the Growth of different Breast Tumor Cell Lines. And in 2011, researchers added light on the Cellular Mechanism through which CBD induces Cell Death in Breast Cancer Cells. They showed that Cannabidiol induced Cell Death of both Oestrogen Receptor-Positive and Oestrogen Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer Cells.

Not only does the research clearly show that CBD benefits including being effective in beating Breast Cancer Cells, data also suggests that it can be used to Inhibit the Invasion of Lung, Colon and Prostate Cancer, plus it possesses Anti-Tumor Properties in Glioma’s (Tumor of the Brain or Spine) and has also been used to treat Leukemia.

You now have the opportunity to posses this Elixir of Life. 

2 oz Balm/Salve $75

4 oz Balm/Salve $125

Includes FREE Delivery in the Rogue River Valley, compliments of Cannabis2YourDoor

Please do not eat our Spicy Salve (Contains Beeswax). Externally use only, and stay clear of your eyes and genital area. 

Complete Ingredients: Beeswax, Jalapenos, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Charlotte’s Web CBD Sugar Trim and Buds.

If you would like to Ingest our Spicy CBD, we offer several Spicy BBQ Wing Sauce’s, as well as Spicy Butter by the pound, to add to your Favorite Recipes. 

We also offer “Special Order Edibles”.


Cannabis Infused 

Coconut Oil Gummies

Who wouldn’t Love a Handful of THC Infused Gummies for Grown-Ups? That Groovy feeling when the Marijuana Edible kicks in like a Bat out of Hell while the biggest of grins slowly creeps across your face like a Gentle Springtime Breeze. 

Its certainly going to be a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood! 

Most folks create THC Cookies or Brownies, so I figured I’d switch it up with some Kickass, Rockstar Chewable Sweets. 

Let me break it down for you on how to Create your own very Cannabis Infused Gummies in 7 Easy Steps…

Whatcha gunna need:

1/4 Cup Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil

1 Large Packet of your Favorite Jello

4 .25 Envelopes of Plain Unflavored Gelatin

15 Grams of Cannabis Kief (Flower or Trim)

Your Favorite Gummy Molds (Small Ice Cube Trays will also work)

Cooking Oil Spray or Corn Starch

Coffee Filter

Glass Measuring Cup

Double Boiler (2 small pots that fit pretty snugly together)


Grind up your Cannabis Flower or Trim (We use Kief), and set up the Double Boiler. We will be Decarboxylating the Cannabis while Simmering.

How do you set up a double boiler? Its pretty simple. This requires two small Pots and Boiling water. 

Boil a small pot of water less than 1/4 full. Once the water is boiling, bring it down to a simmer. Now, Place your second pot into the pot with boiling water. The second pot must fit snug and the bottom of the pot should not be touching the boiling water. 

Don’t forget; You will have to keep refilling the pot of boiling water through this 2 hour process.


Melt the 1/4 cup of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in the Double Boiler and add your Cannabis. Stir the Potent Mixture for two hours constantly checking the Double Boiler, to ensure that the water doesn't Boil away. Do not let it get over 225 Fahrenheit.


Once the mixture is done cooking, strain it through the Coffee Filter into the Glass Measuring Cup. You now have Infused Cannabis Coconut Oil! Set this aside as it’s time to make the Gummy Snacks!


Spray the Candy/Gummy Trays LIGHTLY with Cooking Oil Spray (Corn Starch works well also), place a 1/2 cup of cold water into a small pot on the stove, and make room in your Freezer for the Candy Trays.


Add the 4 packs of unflavored gelatin, 1 package of flavored gelatin, and 1/4 cup of your Infused Coconut Oil into the pot with water. Stir the mixture well until it is uniform.


Heat up the mixture on medium heat for 5-10 minutes. Keep on stirring every other minute.


Once the mixture has simmered for 5 to 10 minutes, turn the heat off and transfer into the Glass Measuring Cup. Next, pour the mixture into the Candy/Gummy Trays and put the Gummies in the freezer for about 20 minutes.