Southern Oregon Chapter

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Cannabis Supplies

Latex & Nitrile Gloves

Cannabis2YourDoor Latex Nitrile Gloves Medford Oregon

We Supply Several Latex & Nitrile Gloves.

Various Colors, Sizes and Thickness.

Prices Range From $10 to $20 per 100

Trimming Supplies

Fiskars and Trimming Scissors

From Scissors to Trimming Trays and Product Totes and Everything in Between!

Pipes, Papers Bongs & Lighters

Cannabis Glass Pipes

We offer some of the Best Pipes available in Southern Oregon!


Need Clones? We Deliver! Cannabis2YourDoor

We Deliver Clones

Growing Supplies

Need Soil, Compost, Fertilizers, Nutrients?

Fertilizers, PH Balancers, Compost & Soil

Need Marketing?

Cannabis Packaging, Marketing and Social Media

We also Offer Cannabis Farm and Dispensary  Photography.